Wednesday, 11 April 2012

QRCode Scanning for Blackberry Version 5.0

For this Take the sample code from this following link:

QRCode 5.0

In the above sample application we have QRCode implementation is in "com.alishaik.qrcode.startup";

and if you want to do the this in separately you must add the packages which are provided in the below link:

ZXIng For 5.0  and you and do by your self;

The above ZXIng For 5.0  link nothing but I downloaded this in the below link and separate the packages

For Version>5.0 no need to take all these; From 6.0 on wards we have the packages;

I think it helps you alot;

For 6.0 see this below links:

Generate QRCode Image In Blackberry


Scan AnyType of Barcode Images

any doubts feel free to mail on